Medical Device Consulting, LLC provides biomedical, clinical, and forensic engineering services to hospital systems, medical device companies, insurance carriers, and legal practitioners in both medical device liability and patent cases.

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 Medical Device R&D Engineer


Dr. George Yanulis has earned M.Eng. M.S., and Doctor of Engineering degrees in Biomedical Engineering and has expertise in Medical Device R&D Engineering.  He has over 20 years of experience in research & development with all types of cardiac implantable systems; vascular stents; surgical devices; cardiovascular devices & medical imaging systems.

Dr. Yanulis has been involved in the development of novel medical devices & medical imaging applications and medical device consulting particularly in the areas of cardiovascular device and medical device imaging areas.

Dr. Yanulis is also very interested in and conducted research collaborations in the areas of: cardiac pacing devices; cardiac imaging; ventricular assist devices; and pediatric cardiovascular device development.

For a comprehensive medical device consultation, Medical Device Consulting LLC have actively consulted on various medical devices and medical imaging modalities and issues and have collaborated with several medical device research and development companies and cardiology departments including the Cleveland Clinic.