standard-title Testimonials


“George has a strong understanding of implantable devices and of electronic device physics. He is a pleasure to work with and will “go the extra mile” to solve a problem. He is prompt and accommodating, as well as resourceful. I highly recommend George for medical device consultation.”

Michael Randall

PhD-VP Consulting Almegacy LLC & Chief Economic Development Officer Health Sciences South Carolina (HSSC)

“I recently had the pleasure of working with George on a critical project. George was retained as an expert advisor to me and my team. He was selected based on his vast knowledge of CRTD and his formal education and training in Biomedical Engineering. George was a pleasure to work with. He was able to quickly assess the scope of the complex project, create a detailed statement of work in including his well thought out approach, create new and modify existing testing protocols, perform research in the FDA database, locate various papers written on the topic at hand and deduced them in to relevant facts that could be utilized during our research, review the results of various third party tests, and give a final recommendation for a direction forward. I would recommend George to any company that is looking for an expert in the area of CRTD. I look forward to working with George on future projects.”

Ron Decker

Director Regulatory Checkpoint Systems

“George and I worked together recently on a consulting project for a global class 3 medical device manufacturer. The client engaged us to review the Design History File of its major product from concept development through design transfer and provide a thorough gap assessment. Certain intricacies in the development phase of the device made this not a just black and white assessment. George utilized his broad and deep knowledge of device design principles to assess the verification and validation of the product, prepare a trace matrix mapping deign inputs to outputs, and write a thorough assessment report detailing suggested actions to close gaps. George’s extensive knowledge and experience enabled him to accomplish this vast review in just a few days time, obtaining client buy-in through each step of his work. George was a great asset and contributed significantly to the successful completion of the project. George is a true professional, but is also easy to work with and a very likable guy.”

Mark Hallett

Managing Partner Management Technology Services

“Since George joined Laughlin Engineering, he has been an incredible asset. George brings with him a wealth of experience, including pre-clinical testing and surgical support. His knowledge of biomedical engineering and the cardiac sciences is impressive. He is a thorough and ethical professional who stays true to the scientific method, while keeping focus on his client’s business goals. I highly recommend George.”

John Lauglin

President Laughlin Engineering Firm, LLC

“George is a pleasure to work with on projects. He is punctual, responsive, and bright. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services on big or small biomedical related engineering projects.”

Stephen Ruble, PhD

Fellow Boston Scientific

“I would like to recommend George Yanulis for anyone working on biomedical engineering or medical device projects or products. I have worked with George and others to develop a novel microwave radiating helical antenna, that, when coupled with carbon nanosphere chain particles, has been shown to successfully eliminate tumors implanted into mice. With George’s assistance, we are now hoping to move this technology into the field of human cancer therapy.”

Tom Zimmerman

DVM-DLAR Director and Veterinary Consultant

“I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Dr. George Yanulis who is currently a medical device expert for Consolidated Consultants. He has been retained by several different clients who use our consulting services to procure Experts for their medical device cases for the past 6 months. Dr. Yanulis has been an expert witness on cases involving liability and or failures for a variety of different medical devices and systems. Our clients have been so satisfied with Dr. Yanulis; abilities that many of the attorneys have recommended his services to their legal practitioners within the same law offices.

Steve Van Rickley

President/CEO Consolidated Consultants

“George is a dedicated researcher who will focus on understanding the problem at hand, and then, working hard to identify practical solutions.”

Shuvo Roy

Professor at UCSF Former Staff Member, Cleveland Clinic